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C. Passionista - Recanto São João Bosco
Av. José Nogueira Vieira 1900 - CEP: 72042-010 - Campo Grande - MS
Passionista Community - St. John Bosco Asylum
Expansion of the Passionista Chrism - From Paraná to Campo Grande MS
Great Passion and Great Field of Evangelization. Strong experience of passionate memory, "by Cross to Light".
Through the culture of Life, the Lord led us on a mission in the San Juan Bosco Asylum. As everything begins with a dream, the presence of the Passionista Sisters in the San Juan Bosco Asylum is the result of the dream, the hope, the desire and the constant search of Mr. José Nogueira Vieira to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Province - Curitiba. Brother of Mr. João Nogueira, then President of the Asylum, Mr. Jose Nogueira was tireless in requesting that the Passionista Congregation be present in the care of the elderly abandoned, hosted in the San Juan Bosco Asylum.
After much insistence and visits of Sr. José Nogueira to the Congregation, on September 17, 1981 Sister Edite Terezinha Bortoline, Provincial Superior, accompanied by her counselors, Sister Maria Isabel and Sister Trindade visited the Asylum. In dialogue and discernment, realizing that the place and the work were of great acceptance of all, they sent the request in search of permission to the General Council of the Congregation, to assume this new Mission. The request was approved in view of the expansion of the Province into a new state of great prospects. And so in April 1982, Sr. Maria Isabel representing the Provincial, accompanied by Sister Arlete Terezinha Gulin, made their presence in Campo Grande in order to get the last details for the new foundation.
Campo Grande was the subject of many comments, questioning, hope and attention, in anticipation of the arrival of the Sisters. Also Mother General Sister Eduarda Achille, anxious to know this new work was present accompanied by the Provincial Sister Maria Augusta França, Sister Edite Terezinha Bortoline and Sister Arlete Terezinha Gulin.
Many were the Sisters who set out to begin this work and on July 25 Mother General announces the new community: Sister Rita Julieta Boff, Sister Marcelina Martins, Sister Fernanda Ferrarini and Sister Vilma Danieli.
On the eve of the departure of the new community, for Campo Grande, the Sisters received a visit from the Provincial Headquarters in Curitiba to visit José Nogueira and his wife, who were moved to express what was best in their hearts, gratitude and welcome . When they returned, they could say happy "see you soon Sisters".
On August 14, 1982, the Sisters arrived in Campo Grande and were received by Mr. João Vieira and his wife D. Iria, the elderly and a group of ladies benefactors.
The joy was stamped on everyone's face and on the Sisters's expectation and emotion. Mr. John handed the house key to the Provincial and to great surprise, the house was fully furnished. All prepared with much affection by those who waited for the Sisters with such anxiety. Despite the tiredness they put themselves into action to do the cleaning of the Chapel, giving a special touch to the inauguration.
On the 15th, a festive lunch was held in which Archbishop Antônio Barbosa, Friar Gregorio Bonatto, Capuchin seminarians, the Asylum Directorate and other benefactors of the same. At 4:00 p.m., the solemnity of the inauguration of the chapel, recreation area and the house of the Sisters took place. As a celebration of the Eucharist presided over by Bishop Antônio Barbosa, the sisters took office in the San Juan Bosco Asylum. This Mass was brightened by the chorus "Little Singers of Don Bosco" children from 7 to 10 years who charmed everyone with their beautiful voices. In addition to the local authorities, more than 300 people from the Campo Grande community were present during this festive event.
The Asilo is located in Tiradentes neighborhood, 6 km from the city center. The area is quite wide and there is much field of evangelization, pastoral, human promotion.
With the elderly, seeking life, dignity and hope. From the beginning the Sisters give special attention to the elderly with friendly words that encourage and comfort them. Also making them aware of the value of the sacraments, in a special way the Anointing of the Sick. Another spiritual good is the Mass of suffrage, celebrated for each one that leaves for the house of the Father. We have Masses twice in the week. It is celebrated with great joy, the Day of the Elderly, with walks, dances and delicious foods and babies. Mother's Day, Father's Day, feast day and, in a special way, the Feast of Saint Peter, with a prayer of the rosary, procession and lifting of the mast, devotion of Dona Iria. And Holy Christmas with many visits and donations.
The Asylum is maintained by the charity of the people and dedication of the Board of Directors that promotes several events such as: Restaurant at Expo Grande, feijoada at Rancharia, bargain bazaar, candy store, bingos. Together with the Sisters and a large group of volunteers. There are also snacking teams and some donations from the public power.
We are Passionistas! We are passionate, passion madness uncontained, on the Cross explodes this flame, our passion for life.
Evangelizing, forming, celebrating, reinventing life / mission
With the arrival of the Sisters the catechesis for the children began, because until the moment there was no one who dedicated himself particularly to them. The following year, with the guidance of a Sister, a group of catechists and two places for catechesis were formed: Asilo and the community of Senhor Bom Jesus da Lapa.
Catechesis, preparation for adult baptism, marriages, reflection groups in families, Celebration of the Word, strong times of prayer gave life to the chapel and the ecclesial communities.
Driven by the Spirit, challenged by the Word and the challenges of history, illuminated by the passionate memory, the Provinces of the Passionista Sisters in Brazil reorganize themselves, and from 1990 the Passionista Community of the Saint John Bosco Asylum becomes part of the new Province Maria Queen of Peace, based in Brasilia. With the care and dedication of so many Sisters, Sister Fausta Costa, who dedicated much of her life, many improvements took place in the Asylum: Doctors, snack volunteers, donors, won an Ambulance, cold rooms, physiotherapy, hiking trail, new furniture, party hall and funeral home so that the elderly could be buried with dignity.
Young passionistas in formation
The formation house of the Pre-Novitiate was, for some time, the Passionista community of Campo Grande. Young people in formation, whom the Crucified learn to contemplate, love and life can not neglect. With a new impulse, the young women took up pastoral care in the neighborhood of Maria Aparecida Pedrossian, with Bible circles and Sunday celebrations, along with the Sisters. From the seeds launched over time, in 2001 is born the new Parish São Leopoldo Mandic. Also with the presence of the Sisters in the Arnaldo Estevão de Figueiredo neighborhood, the Community of St. Elizabeth of Hungary is born and in the district of Dalva de Oliveira the Community of St. Paul of the Cross, in honor of our Spiritual Father, with all the support and encouragement of our Archbishop Dom Vitório Pavanello .
In celebration of the 25 years of our passionate presence in Campo Grande, many Sisters of the Province came to celebrate this joyful date. We celebrate in every community.
In this story of passion and care for life that is being built with so many hands, many Sisters, in the diversity of gifts and experiences, actively participate and witness the growth of the city, of the communities, of the Diocese. In the experience of teaching and learning, in the light of the pedagogy of Jesus that approaches people, he listens to words and feelings, talks, welcomes, accompanies ... we leave the marks of mercy, compassion. In the diversity of gifts that we are through the grace of God, we act at every time, according to the needs and possibilities in the different pastoral and life initiatives: Catechetical, Vocational, Child, Health. We participate in the life and events of the Church and Religious Life : Diocesan Assemblies. The Black and Indigenous Reflection Group (GRENI), the Popular Reflection Group (GRIMPO), the Ecclesiastical Base Communities (CEBs), and the Conference of Religious of Brazil (CRB).
Passionista Lay Communities - Gifts for the Congregation and the Church
The Passionista Charism continues to flourish with the participation of the Lay Passionista Community (CLP), which, as our Mother General Maria Dalessandro affirms, is a living part of the Congregation, a fruit matured in the shadow of the Charism, which re-echoes in particular the experience of Mary Magdalene Frescobaldi Capponi and that of so many laymen and lay people who from the beginning, since the time of St. Paul of the Cross, were alongside the Passionista communities. The presence of this lay community, which is 20 years old and has 30 members, enriches the Congregation and the Passionista Family and broadens the field of mission thanks to witness in the family, in the work, in the ecclesial community and in society in general.
Gratitude to God and the Diocese entrusted to us by the people who collaborated, the Passionista Congregation that accompanied us.
For all thanks be to God! We celebrate 36 years of passionate presence in Campo Grande, we try to serve everyone well, bearing witness to our religious life Passionista, both at work, Prayer and unity, watching with special affection for the Life of our Elders, Gifts of God, lives entrusted to us almost always so fragile and devoid of so much care. In the certainty that Love, Respect and Dignity are lived by all, we feel strengthened to serve with Joy.
Joining forces with the solidarity of so many people who are part of this history, we: Sr. Marlene Barbosa, Sr. Maria Soares da Rocha Sr. Judite Piana, current community, animated and accompanied by the Province of Mary Queen of Peace, represented by Sr. Célia Aparecida Bahú, Superior Provincial and her Council, in communion with the Congregation, represented by Sr. Maria Dalessandro and her Council, we are pleased to continue this noble mission, living the past with gratitude, the present with passion, projecting and contemplating the future with hope.
To all our Grateful Heart and the certainty of our prayer!
Passionista Education Network
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