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Social Works - Paraná

Passionista Child Education Center John Paul II
Street: Ponta Grossa, 1918 - Jardim Gramado - Zip Code: 85816-270 - Cascavel - PR
Believing in education as a basis for pedagogical practice is the certainty present in the students of the Center for Passionista Education John Paul II, for the trust of the charismatic experience of Mary Magdalene Frescobaldi, founder of the Congregation of the Passionist Sisters of St. Paul of the Cross.
It is through human-Christian-passiocentric-progressive pedagogy that the pedagogical proposal of the John Paul II Passionista Education Center provides the teaching-learning process in an innovative way.
For this process to take place, the passionate mission has the following objectives:
- To form integrally the student, as an element of self-realization.
- Educate conscientious Christians by personal choices, practicing what they have learned in life.
- To prepare people with a sense of fraternal solidarity, for a world in evolution.
- To train people who are critical of life and facing situations in which they come to be agents of transformation.
Passionista Educational Center Sister Antonieta Farani
Rua Eng. Francisco Xavier Driesel, 100 - Cachoeira - Zip Code: 82710-370 - Curitiba - PR
The Passionista Educational Center Sr. Antonieta Farani, founded on 09/29/2006, completed in 2014, eight years of solidarity with children and adolescents and their families.
The objective is to educate for life, providing children and adolescents: a space for coexistence and various actions on a continuous basis for a citizen formation with strengthening of ties, always counting on the participation of the family and the community.
The goal is to provide 45 free children and adolescents, aged between 6 and 15 years, from Monday to Friday, following the school calendar, through the social assistance service Basic Social Protection called the Service of Coexistence and Strengthening of Links ( SCFV).
Various workshops are developed: music, computer science, handicrafts, dance, literature, manicure, theater, garden, leisure activities ..., also providing a daily meal and snack.
To this end, the Association for the Protection of Children - Paraná Province, maintains the Passionista Educational Center, Sr. Antonieta Farani, through a socio-educational project, with a team of professionals, in partnership with the public service network of the Municipality, with the solidarity support of volunteering and donations from groups and individuals.
Let us continue together in this network of solidarity for more life and hope, concretizing projects, actions and gestures of solidarity, in building a society with new relationships, where "nobody is so rich that he has nothing to receive and nobody is so poor that he has nothing to share "!
Maria José Passionista Educational Center
Av. Getúlio Vargas, 224 - CEP: 83301-010 - Piraquara - PR
The Maria José Passionista Educational Center was founded on January 6, 1963, under the name of Maria José Professional School.
In 1986, the Sisters started the "CHILD, ACTION AND LIFE" Project, which began to welcome children and adolescents.
Currently it works in a contraturno system, aimed at children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability, in the prevention of situations of risk and social protection.
The Passionista Educational Center is a place of coexistence and formation for the citizenship, responsibility and protagonism of the children and adolescents, based on the interests and potentialities of this age group.
It is a service done in partnership with the family to provide experiences that help in the prevention of risk situations, seeking reflection, activities aimed at strengthening the bonds and guidance on care for children and adolescents.


Passionista Education Network
Província de SP: Rua Cônego Eugênio Leite, 845 - Pinheiros - São Paulo - SP
CEP 05414-000
Província do PR: Rua Bom Jesus, 881 - A - Cabral - Curitiba - PR
CEP 80035-010
Província do DF: Qn 05 Área Especial 02/03 - Riacho Fundo I - DF
CEP 71805-432
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  •   PR  (41) 3352-2021
  •   DF  (61) 3399-5329
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