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Social Works - Rio de Janeiro

CSE São Paulo da Cruz
Street: Carlos Lacerda, 2281 - Itaborái - RJ
Phone: (21) 2635-7042
Project Promoser - Service of coexistence and strengthening of family bond.
Training workshops, aiming that the beneficiaries acquire skills in the making of pieces, for their own use or for the purpose of generating income as a complement to the family income.
Modular courses available for community:
- Cutting and sewing.
- Handicrafts (embroidery, pet apply, fabric painting, loom, glass and fabric painting, rag doll, decoupage, etc).
- Manicure and Pedicure.
- Hair stylist.
- Waiter and Waitress.
- Cooking.
- Computing.
- Sports (soccer, capoeira).
- languages (Spanish and English).
- music (guitar).
All courses are provided with certificate of participation and count on the collaboration of sisters, employees and Passionista volunteers.
Target audience: Children, adolescents, youth and adults; that is, families in situations of vulnerability, personal and social risk.
Message: "Let us be one faith, one heart and one will."
Passionista Education Network
Província de SP: Rua Cônego Eugênio Leite, 845 - Pinheiros - São Paulo - SP
CEP 05414-000
Província do PR: Rua Bom Jesus, 881 - A - Cabral - Curitiba - PR
CEP 80035-010
Província do DF: Qn 05 Área Especial 02/03 - Riacho Fundo I - DF
CEP 71805-432
  •   SP  (11) 3087-2400
  •   PR  (41) 3352-2021
  •   DF  (61) 3399-5329
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