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Social Responsability

The Passion for Education: The Social Responsibility of the Passionist Sisters
At Rede Passionista de Educação, the passion for education is the fuel that drives our commitment to social responsibility in all spheres of activity. Inspired by the constant search for excellence and unconditional love for others, the Passionist Sisters have left their positive mark on the communities in which they operate.
Since our inception, our purpose has been clear and unwavering: to offer an educational service of excellence that transcends the walls of the classroom and contributes significantly to the integral development of our students. On this journey, social responsibility is more than a value - it is a fundamental pillar in our trajectory.
Our Passionist Sisters, true leaders in their respective areas of activity, have always based their actions on respect for employees, the environment and the community that welcomes us. Committed to going beyond the limits of legal obligations, we constantly seek to innovate in our practices and improve our management so that our social impact is increasingly significant.
We believe that an educational institution cannot be restricted to teaching itself, but must be a driving force for sustainable development and collective well-being. In this sense, we constantly seek partnerships with organizations and social projects, promoting actions aimed at strengthening the community in which we operate.
And it is with great honor that we see our efforts being recognized and rewarded. The Passionist Education Network has been honored for its initiatives in social responsibility, the result of the tireless commitment of our Sisters and collaborators, who spare no effort to make a difference in the lives of so many people.
Our passion for education guides us to be agents of transformation, disseminating values and knowledge that echo beyond the walls of our institutions. Every step taken towards social responsibility reinforces our conviction that education is a powerful instrument for change and for building a better future for all.
Join us on this passionate journey towards education and the construction of a more just and fraternal world. United for the common good, we can make a difference in every heart we touch. Be part of this movement of love and social responsibility!
Our commitment is to transformation through education and respect for others. Learn more about our institutions and be part of this network of passion for education and social responsibility.
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