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Passionista Education Network
The Passionista Network of Education, through the Sisters and educators, develops a pedagogical practice inherited from the Charismatic experience of its founder, Mary Magdalene Frescobaldi Capponi who based her educational creed on the certainty that God created the person to be happy in this and the other life.

The Network has made this principle, and has clear and objective proposals: to welcome changes, respond to challenges, take interpellations, activate potentialities, and position itself with a generation of postmodernity that is gaining an increasingly rapid pace and , requires people capable of upgrading their organizations and institutions.

An Inspiring Story Awaits You!

We were born as educators at a time when education was urgent. This practice continues to this day in our educational activities.

We are Passionist Sisters, educators of the Passionist Education Network.

Get to know who we are and our history. Join us in the reciprocity of transforming lives! Together we can make the difference. clicking here

Passionista Education Network
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